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Transportation and Public Works (TPW) Services

To report flooding or dangerous street conditions such as trees or other obstacles on city streets, hazardous potholes, traffic signal malfunctions, damaged street lights or traffic signs, call customer service at 817-392-1234. (Or use the myFW app.)

Hours are Monday through Friday 7 a.m.- 6 p.m.; Saturdays 7 a.m.-4 p.m. While not monitored 24-hours, residents are encouraged to call when Customer Service is open to report issues encountered at any time.


Traffic Markings, Signs and Signals

Traffic signs and signals help control traffic to make intersections safer for all modes of transportation. TPW continually investigates signage needs citywide as well as installs temporary signs for special events as needed.

ID Signs

Neighborhood Identification Signs

The Neighborhood Identification Sign program is currently unavailable. An updated program is being developed and is expected to relaunch soon. Please contact the Community Engagement office with any questions by calling 817-392-6201 or via email to Engagement@forworthtexas.gov.


Street Lights

New street lights are installed as part of improvement projects or when funded by developers. Maintaining streetlights, however, requires the help of all Fort Worth residents, employees and commuters. To report street-light issues, call Customer Service.

Truck Route

Truck Routes

Truck-tractors, trailers, semitrailers or commercial vehicles may only use city streets designated as truck routes, unless the destination or point of origin is outside of these routes. For a map of truck routes in Fort Worth, visit the Traffic Engineering Office, 5001 James Ave.


Blocked Inlets

Street flooding is often the result of storm drains that are too small to handle heavy runoff. In other cases, though, the drain may need cleaning. Report street flooding to TPW Customer Service and crews will investigate.


Railroad Safety Program

With 193 railroad grade crossings, more per capita than any other large city in Texas, the city is committed to improving railroad crossing safety and developing new quiet zones.

Get information on the Parklet Pilot program.

For information on street classifications, view the Master Thoroughfare Plan.

Did you know

TPW recycles 90 percent of used sign blanks, saving money for the city and improving response time on sign requests. A standard “Stop” sign costs $17, but by recycling, TPW's cost is a mere $2.60. In addition to huge cost savings, recycling signs helps the environment.