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Industry Day

Pursuant to the City of Fort Worth Declaration of Local Disaster for COVID-19, Industry Day for consultants, contractors, staff and related organizations has been canceled. A recorded presentation is available for review.

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The 2020 Transportation and Public Works (TPW) Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for Professional Engineering Design and Consultant Services, for Delivery of Planning, Design, and Construction of Capital Projects is complete.

The objective of the RFQ was to identify the most competent and qualified firms from which the City may negotiate contracts for professional design services that will be necessary to complete various TPW Capital Delivery Division (CDD) projects. The pre-qualified professional services providers will be considered a pool of the most qualified design firms from which contracts may be negotiated relating to TPW CDD projects arising over the next four years.

The Pre-qualified TPW CDD Professional Services Provider List for all 20 of the RFQ categories can be viewed at City of Fort Worth Project Resources 01 – Engineering Agreement Documents.

Transportation Engineering Manual

The requirements outlined in this manual provide standards and criteria for design of city streets and is applicable to all types of street construction, including appurtenances to streets such as sidewalks, streetlights, street signs, and electronic signals. View the manual here.

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Plat Review

All plat applications are reviewed as part of the Development Review Committee. Submit applications for preliminary and final plats to the Planning & Development Department on the lower level of City Hall, 200 Texas St.

Civil Plan Review

New public infrastructure improvements associated with residential, commercial and industrial development are reviewed by the city's Infrastructure Plan Review team. To submit a civil plan, visit the Infrastructure Plan Review Center, located at the south end of City Hall, 200 Texas St.

Visit the Infrastructure Plan Review Submittal page for checklists and instructions.

Developer & Consultant Training

Forms & Permits

Visit the Permits page to download application packets.

Standards and Detail Drawings

All standards and detail drawings are available for download through the project resources page.

A list of all City Standards available can be viewed in the categories shown below. To view or download the specification or standard construction drawing visit the project resources page:

For Capital Delivery Projects

Division 01 – General Requirements

For Developer Awarded Projects (DAP)

Division 01 – General Requirements

Division 34 - Transportation

Standard Specifications for all Construction Projects

Division 02 – Existing Conditions

Division 03 – Concrete

Division 26 – Electrical

Division 31 – Earthwork

Division 32 – Exterior Improvements

Division 33 – Utilities

Division 34 – Transportation

Traffic Control Plans

Most permits require traffic control plans. View specifications and sample plans. For information on Street Classifications, view the Master Thoroughfare Plan.

License and Bond Applications

Construction Bids

Request Start Date End Date
101453: 2018 Bond Year 3, Contract 7 Oct. 29, 2020 Dec. 3, 2020
101452: 2018 CIP, Year 3 – Contract 5, Unit 1 – Water Improvements, Unit 2 – Sanitary Sewer Improvements, And Unit 3- Paving Improvements, City Project No. 101452 Oct. 22, 2020 Nov. 19, 2020

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