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Real Property

The Real Property Division manages city fee-owned and tax-foreclosed properties. The division also manages right-of-way and easement acquisition, negotiates lease terms and rates for city use of private property, manages Lake Worth operations, and coordinates space planning with the Facilities Maintenance Division for city-owned property leases.

Tax-Foreclosed Property

When the city has tax-foreclosed properties for sale, a list will be posted with the minimum bid amount. Buyers will be required to pay post-judgment taxes due to Tarrant County in addition to the amount of the bid. Bidders are urged to perform their due diligence on any property on which they wish to bid. All properties are sold "as is" and are subject to redemption period if still within the redemption period.

The City of Fort Worth is the trustee of properties for all tax entities who were a party to the tax foreclosure.

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