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Special Event Recycling

Recycle bin loan program for special events

The City of Fort Worth offers loaner recycle bins for events taking place in Fort Worth, based on availability. To request recycle bins for your special event through the Bin Loan Program:

  1. Complete the request form here
  2. After you have received a confirmation email, call 817-564-8849 or 817-718-8997 to arrange a time to pick up recycling bins and bags at:

    Parks and Recreation Dept.
    North District Service Center (NDSC)
    1700 Brennan Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76106
    Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.
  3. After your event, call 817-564-8849 or 817-718-8997 to arrange a time to return recycling bins, unused bags and all recyclable materials collected during your event back to the NDSC. Borrowers will be charged $55 for each bin not returned in clean working order.

Recommendations for successful recycling:

  • Collect cardboard boxes in a designated area available only to vendors during setup and takedown.
  • Target aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles only. The bin lids are labeled to reduce confusion and contamination.
  • Use the buddy system and pair each recycle bin with a trash can.
  • Glass is accepted but can create a hazard when collecting. Be careful with broken glass.
  • No Styrofoam, plastic bags or plastic films.


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