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The City of Fort Worth's Office of the Police Oversight Monitor (OPOM) was first established in February 2020 pursuant to Fort Worth City Code Art. 2, § 2-27(1)(a) as a mechanism with which to provide oversight and accountability of the Fort Worth Police Department. Kim Neal, was appointed as the City of Fort Worth’s first Police Monitor in March 2020. Efforts to build this newly-created office first began in mid-March 2020. Our vision for the office is for it to be a proactive leader in law enforcement accountability to the Fort Worth Police Department and the population it serves. In order to achieve this, the OPOM will engage in the following primary functions:

History of Civilian Oversight

The first assembly of citizens to receive complaints of misconduct against police officers date back to the 1920’s. The demand for citizen or community oversight first occurred in the 1940’s. Many of these early review procedures were short lived due to insufficient fiscal support, lack of resources and served as only venues to receive and review police complaints. Further development of community oversight was strongly influenced by the civil rights movement and the perception in many quarters that law enforcement responded to racial unrest with excessive force. For more information, click here.

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