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Business Equity Division

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The Business Equity Division is here to help certified small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses gain access to the direct contracting and sub-contracting opportunities offered by city procurement in compliance with the City Council-approved Business Diversity Enterprise (BDE) Ordinance No. 20020-12-2011.

Qualified businesses must be located within the market areas applicable to the six county areas where the city spends 80 percent of its tax dollars. Those counties are Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Johnson, Parker and Wise. Only firms with a principal office in the market area will be counted towards the city’s BDE goals.

For information about MWBE requirements in City of Fort Worth tax incentive agreements, visit the Economic Development Department page.

• 2018 E-Award Winner: Supplier Diversity Professional of the Year
• 2018 E-Award Winner: Executive Buying Entity Advocate of the Year
• 2019 Regional Hispanic Contractors Association M/WBE Inclusion Award


Minority- or Women-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE)

If your company is at least 51-percent owned and operated by one or more minorities or women or, for a publicly owned business, at least 51-percent ownership of the stock is held, your company qualifies as an M/WBE.

The City of Fort Worth accepts certifications from the following agencies:

Small Business
Enterprise (SBE)

The U.S. Small Business Administration can help small businesses qualify to compete for government contracts as a small business. Check out the size requirements to see if your business qualifies for these opportunities.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

The DBE program was designed to provide M/WBEs a level playing field when contracting on federally funded projects.

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Subcontracting Goals by Industry Category

The City of Fort Worth has set the following diversity goals on projects over $50,000 where there are two or more certified firms available for the specific supplies or services. The Business Equity Division is required to assign applicable subcontracting goals based on availability, in compliance with the BDE Ordinance.

Construction Services


Includes construction, remodeling, renovation, maintenance, demolition, repair of public structure or buildings, and other public improvements.

MBE subcontracting opportunities available for African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American and Native-American businesses.

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Professional Services


Includes services provided by attorneys, accountants, medical professionals, technical services, research planning and consultants.

MBE sub-consultant opportunities are available for African-American businesses only.

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Architectural & Engineering Services


Includes construction management, landscape architecture, surveying, mapping services and engineering (including mechanical, structural, geotechnical and construction materials testing).

SBE sub-consultant opportunities are available and are gender/race neutral.

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Goods & Non-Professional Services


Includes materials, supplies and equipment, such as janitorial supplies, safety supplies, mowing equipment and office supplies.

M/WBE subcontracting opportunities are available for minority and women-owned businesses.

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Per the Business Diversity Enterprise Ordinance, the Business Equity Division is required to assign applicable subcontracting goals based on availability as shown above.

M/WBE Prime Program

  • Solicitations for construction up to $100,000
  • Architectural & Engineering and other professional services up to $150,000
  • Primes cannot subcontract more than 49% to non-M/WBEs
  • Allows allocations up to 20% of weighted selection criteria for M/WBEs on bids

Joint Venture Program

  • A business enterprise jointly owned by two or more businesses who share the initial investment, risks and profits at least one must be a certified M/WBE firm.
  • The M/WBE firm must be responsible for a clearly defined portion of the work to be performed, equal to a share in the ownership, control, knowledge, management, responsibility, risks, and profits of the joint venture.
  • A joint venture constitutes the establishment of a new company formed for a specific project as reflected in a formal joint venture agreement document.
  • Joint venture agreements are subject to review and acceptance by the City relative to its M/WBE component.
  • The joint venture M/WBE ownership percentage will be counted towards the M/WBE subcontracting goal. Joint ventures are strongly encouraged.

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