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"Making homelessness rare, short-term, and nonrecurring in Fort Worth"


  • Oversee $3 million in City funds to reduce homelessness and keep clients housed
  • Work with community partners to align resources and processes to most effectively reduce homelessness
  • Facilitate development of permanent supportive housing units to reduce chronic homelessness.*

* U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines chronic homelessness as an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has been homeless for a year or more.

The City of Fort Worth adopted the Directions Home official homelessness plan (the "Plan") in 2008. The Plan articulates seven (7) key strategies that focus on the goal of ending chronic homelessness and serves as a partnership and spending guide.

  1. Increase the Supply of Permanent Supportive Housing
  2. Expand Opportunities and Services Linked with Accountability
  3. Develop and Operate a Central Resource Facility
  4. Coordinate and Expand Homelessness Prevention Initiatives
  5. Support and Strengthen Existing Public, Private and Faith‐based Efforts
  7. Mitigate the Negative Community Impacts of Homelessness
  8. Lead, Educate and Advocate for Change

10-Year Plan

The City funds three main categories:

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System Support 25% PermanentSupportiveHousing 56% RapidRehousing 19% Directions Home Funding Permanent Supportive Housing System Support Rapid Rehousing

The United Way of Tarrant County (the "United Way") serves as a fiscal and grant-making agent for public and private funds in support of the Plan. The United Way, in close consultation with City staff, oversees an annual grant-making process for community organizations to operate initiatives that accomplish the strategies contained in the Plan. Across the community, additional resources have been secured and leveraged from the private and public (federal, state, and local) sectors to pursue the Plan’s vision.