About Fort Worth

Fort Worth — the most typically Texan of all Texas cities — began as a tiny outpost on a lonely frontier. Today, this metropolitan area of more than 800,000 people blends its cattle and oil heritage seamlessly with an ever-growing, diverse array of new businesses and industries.

Fort Worth was established through the efforts, the courage and the sacrifices of countless men and women; and the story, even in barest outline, is an American saga.

City Hall through time, and the county courthouse

Fort Worth History

The fertile, game-rich land surrounding the banks of the Trinity River had long been a favorite hunting ground for Native Americans in the area, but it soon proved irresistible to settlers as well. Learn more »

City Growth


Fort Worth was the fastest growing large city with more than 500,000 population between 2000 and 2010. Learn more »


Working together to build a strong community.

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